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A musical smograsbord from old time fiddling to rock and roll

Perfect Partners

                                     Clarinet, mandolin, guitar, and vocals.  Photos below are from several years ago.   Programs and repertoire are still the same. 

Last updated 6/5/2016 

About Us

Perfect Partners ..... Music by Chuck & Noreen

"A Musical Smorgasbord from Old Time Fiddle Music to Rock and Roll"

Chuck and Noreen Morgan are Connecticut entertainers who have been performing together since 1993.  As Perfect Partners they present a fast paced one hour show that recalls traditional fiddle tunes, and popular songs in numerous genres including country western, swing, and rock and roll.  Humor is always part of the show.

Noreen sings and plays a Gibson acoustic guitar.  She has a mellow singing voice to which people enjoy listening.  Her singing style was influenced by the songs she sang along with as a teenager listening to radio and records.   One of her favorite singers is Patsy Cline.

Chuck sings and plays mandolin and clarinet.  

Many of the songs Perfect Partners perform are duets.  Chuck's bass voice blends well with Noreen's sweet alto.

Chuck and Noreen also perform with other musicians.

In 2005 they founded the Quiet Corner Fiddlers (see link below) .  This group of 12 to 20 gets together weekly to enjoy playing traditional fiddle music, and occasionally to perform.  Both Chuck and Noreen are members of the Old Fiddlers' Club of Rhode Island (see link below).

For about 20 You-tube videos of us see link below. 


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